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Additional Salon Services in Calgary


Nail Design - 2 Fingers

Sparkle - 4 Fingers $10
Sparkle - 10 Fingers $15
Line - 10 Fingers $10
Polish Change - Toes $15
Polish Change - Nails $12
Nails Take-off & Manicure $30
Nails Take-off & Shellac $35
Full Set Toes $60
Fill Toes $50
Shellac Change $25
Shellac French Change $30
Shellac Change On Fake Nails $30
Gel On The Top $5
Nail Repair $5
French $5
Paraffin Wax - Hands $12
Paraffin Wax - Toes $15
Long Nail (Over 3mm) $5

Hand and foot grooming is a great technique to get your nails and cuticles back in shape. It is also the most effective approach to keep your hands and feet looking professional and fashionable. Enjoy Iris Nails and Spa's additional salon services in Calgary with a friend, or take the opportunity for a solo visit and let us take care of your dose of pampering.

Special Salon Services

You deserve to leave the salon feeling beautiful and satisfied after every visit. Try our specialized salon services today!

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