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Get Professional Waxing Services in Calgary


Eyebrow $12
Tinting (Eyebrow) $15
Tinting (Eyelash) $20
Chin $10
Upper Lip $8
Full Face $45
Back $35 & Up
Chest $30 & Up
Full Arm $35 & Up
Half Arm $20
Under Arm $15
Bikini $25 & Up
Full Leg $45 & Up
Upper Leg $25 & Up
Lower Leg $25 & Up
Brazilian Bikini $50 & Up

Waxing eliminates hair from the root, leaving the skin supple and smooth for weeks. It is a popular, safe, cost-effective and reliable method of removing body hair with immediate results. Iris Nails and Spa has covered all of your hair removals needs, from bikini to back. Whether you require waxing services for your wedding or to attain the perfect beach appearance, our waxing professionals can assist you. So, when it's time to maintain your body hair, visit Iris Nails and Spa in Calgary.

Advantages of Body Waxing

Unlike shaving, body waxing is quick and easy. Waxing removes any dry or flaky skin cells along with the wax, resulting in enhanced skin texture. By including waxing into your beauty routine, you will limit hair regrowth, making it simpler to obtain the ideal wax. Waxing generally leaves skin smooth for four to six weeks and offers you the beautiful shine you've always wanted. The best aspect is that waxing eliminates the risk of ingrown hair growth.

Dependable Waxing Services

Say goodbye to razors and say hello to waxing. Our team can meet your needs, from a full-body wax to a Brazilian bikini wax.

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